The Hype Around Hydrogen: Part 1

Welcome back to the Energy Current Podcast, a series featuring conversations with industry leaders shaping the energy industry and related sectors. In this episode, Oliver Wyman Energy and Natural Resources Practice Partners Christine Oumansour and Alexander Lesch sit down with Andreas Wagner, Hydrogen lead at the Energy Transitions Commission to discuss how hydrogen can play a role in achieving net-zero goals and some of the key challenges on the path forward.

Hydrogen effectively extends the reach of renewables to hard-to-abate industries, including agriculture and manufacturing. And in the effort to work with these and other industries, the hydrogen sector has to assess the proximity of their assets from each other, from production and transport to storage and demand sites.

In essence, electrify wherever it's possible, but use hydrogen wherever it's not.

As the world continues to implement a variety of clean energy solutions, with the goal of moving towards a net-zero economy, there are many debates around the efficacy of certain solutions. In the hydrogen space, this is present in the differences between blue and green hydrogen and their longer-term implications.

Blue hydrogen is a really important transition technology. It is quite controversial in some countries, but it is important to ramp up the hydrogen economy.

This episode explores the critical development opportunities of hydrogen clusters, as well as hydrogen production, storage, transport, and end-use.