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Partnering with Purpose

Strengthening National-Level Resilience in the UK through more Dynamic Public-Private Interactions

This is a pivotal moment for re-energising resilience efforts at the national level. COVID-19 is still with us, the fallout challenges are ever more apparent, and multiple fresh challenges lurk on the horizon. Securing long-term wellbeing and prosperity requires a whole-of-society response in mitigating critical risks and being prepared for crises.

Prepared by Marsh McLennan for the UK‚Äôs National Preparedness Commission, ‚ÄúPartnering with Purpose‚ÄĚ examines how public and private sectors might interact more effectively. The report

  • Proposes how to reframe the goals of national resilience and realign sectoral responsibilities to spur greater engagement
  • Explores key areas (risk allocation, regulation, data sharing, communication) where revised ‚Äėterms and conditions‚Äô would secure better outcomes
  • Puts forward a selection of specific opportunities, in part derived from initiatives across the world, that might be tested in the context of the UK‚Äôs resilience strategy review

Companies have much to offer by way of finance, physical assets, workforce, capabilities, and innovation. But government will need to play director, client, stimulator, facilitator, and cheerleader with business to fully realize the potential.

Partnering with Purpose