The Path to Paris

Welcome to the Energy Current Podcast series, featuring conversations with industry leaders shaping the energy industry and related sectors. In this episode, join David Knipe, Christian Edelmann, and James Davis as they discuss how Europe's companies are progressing in their action on climate change.

The 2015 Paris agreement to limit global warming to well below 2°C, preferably 1.5°C, was a landmark in the fight against climate change.

Our research with CDP Europe analyzes data from nearly 1,000 of the largest companies in Europe, worth around 80 percent of the region's market capitalization. It looks at the progress made by companies in reducing emissions with their transition plans to net zero.

The top quarter of the largest European companies reduced emissions by 15 percent on average in one year. If the whole of corporate Europe were to move at that pace then we would be on track for the Paris goals
James Davis

2020 changed the world. Businesses struggled to survive under the weight of the virus, and financial systems showed their fragility. What COVID-19 demonstrated is that our current economic model is not resilient. While coronavirus was a systemic shock, a larger one will undoubtedly be climate change and the depletion and degradation of our global environment.

We are threading the needle between an orderly transition that is Paris-aligned and one that is fast enough to lift people out of energy poverty, all while fueling the economy.
David Knipe

Join Partners David Knipe and James Davis for the inaugural edition of the Energy Current Podcast series. In this episode, they will cover how energy compares to other sectors, the role of banks and assets managers in supporting this transition, and how different regions around the world are using new tech to accelerate their progress. This podcast episode is hosted byChristian Edelman, Partner and global head of Oliver Wyman's wealth and asset management practice.