Andreas Wagner

Hydrogen lead at the Energy Transitions Commission, Oliver Wyman

Andreas has been passionate about questions related to sustainability and renewable energy for his whole life. After many years of academic research, he is keen to focus on how we can accelerate and catalyze the transition towards a sustainable net-zero society as part of the Energy Transition Commission (ETC).

He earned a BSc (Technical Chemistry, Vienna University of Technology, Austria) and MSc (Chemistry for Renewable Energy, Uppsala University, Sweden) with distinction, and recently completed a PhD in Chemistry at the University of Cambridge.

Driven by his original belief that many of the answers to the crucial questions of sustainability/energy are of technical nature, he devoted the last 15 years to research starting in high school where he won prices for solar cell research. In later years, the focus of his research was around electrochemical conversion of carbon dioxide and water into hydrogen and carbon monoxide, commonly known as Power-to-X methods. Now, he is convinced that actions beyond R&D are needed to accelerate the transition towards a net-zero society and he believes that SYSTEMIQ and the ETC are in a perfect position to catalyze this crucial systems change.

In his free time, Andreas can be found on his garden allotment, hands deep in his bread dough or hiking in the Alps back home in Austria.